Yaesu FT-1802 Low or No Receive   


Has your FT-1802 or similar wide/narrow capable radio gone deaf? Very low or no receive? 
The original crystal filters go bad over time. The easy way to check it is to tune to a known good
signal, and observe the Wide receive sensitivity. Change the radio over to Narrow mode and see
if the receive picks up dramatically. If it does, your Wide filter has gone bad.

I repair these radios! I have the new filters that were designed to replace the defective ones. I replace both filters!

You can send your radio to me and I'll replace both filters and perform the alignment for $50 plus shipping.

Or you can buy the parts kits from me and replace the filters yourself.

If you want me to repair you radio, click here.

If you want to buy a parts kit for $18, click here.

If you want your radio expanded for out of band transmit, $40 plus shipping, or $15 if I am already repairing the radio. Click here.

I have very quick turn-around times, generally one day.

I ship repaired radios via USPS flat rate boxes and I will email you with the tracking numbers.

I accept PayPal, and Money Orders. Email me if you prefer another method of payment.



I also do the expanded transmit mods for this radio and others.


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