Refurbishing the Heathkit SB-220 2KW amplifier

  The venerable SB-220 with the cover removed.                                            As you can see, this lived with a smoker and was quite filthy.

  A look down into the top shows stains, gunk, rust and crud.                           A peek into the bottom shows promise.

  Beginning the complete disassembly.                                                          The tube sockets,  I scrubbed the one on the right to show the difference.

  You can see how bad the chassis was.                                                      The main chassis, completely stripped down.

  The faceplate, stripped and ready for a good cleaning.                                 The original build sticker, 12 Nov 86, svc # 22-31768.

  Top: Original Metering Board.  Below: New Metering Board I built.                Back of the new Metering Board.  I strive to be a very precise builder.

The Soft-Key module I built will allow modern rigs to safely key the amp.        This is the Soft-Start module I built to keep startup inrush voltages out.

  Chassis cleaned and the RF area painted.  New grommets installed.             The faceplate and meters, cleaned and ready for assembly.

  The back of the faceplate, re-assembled and meter upgrades in place.         Beginning assembly work on the underside of the chassis.

Close up of the terminal strip rebuilds.  I am replacing the old caps.                I am also replacing the old carbon resistors with metal film type.

Close up of the completed, re-built strip mounted.                                         New vs Old. On the left, .01uf 2KV cap (New) on the right, .01uf 1.5KV (old)

Close up of rebuilt socket assembly with new components.                           Sockets in, some wiring in.

Band Coil installed and one of the tuning caps.                                             Tuning caps in, first Transformer in.
View of metering board in place on capacitor tower.                                     Close up of new metering board.
Side view, front panel installed, cap deck rebuilt.                                          Close up of new caps and flameproof resistors.
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