Moxon Antennas

The Moxon Antenna is a simple two element parasitic array antenna.

  It is popular with Amateur radio enthusiasts for its simplicity of construction and great performance. The design is rectangular, with less than half of the rectangle being the driven element and the other half being the reflector.

  It can be thought of as a Yagi antenna with bent elements.  Due to the bending of the elements, no directors are needed.

  Mounting the antenna vertically results in vertical polarization. (Ideal for repeater and FM simplex operation.  Mounting the antenna horizontally, results in horizontal polarization, which is optimal for SSB DX work. 

  These compact antennas are comparable to or better than a 4 element yagi for the same band.

  These antennae are stackable and phasable for high gain and omnidirectional coverage.

  These antennas are highly directional and make for great direction finding antennas as well.

  I build these from precisely bent solid aluminum rod.  I machine the parts based on the desired frequency coverage.


Vertically mounted 2m Moxon on the test jig.                     2m Moxon, they are quite small but very efficient.

A full size 2m Moxon antenna.                                          Moxon mounted on a PVC pole for mobile DF'ing.

My method of feed point and insulator.                             Spacers constructed from Lexan.



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