AI4JI OCF Dipole Mounting, Connecting and Tips




These antennas do not have to be high off the ground. They are designed to work below one wavelength in height.

I recommend keeping the elements as straight as possible and the coax must drop straight down from the balun box.

Do not run the coax directly below the antenna elements for any distance, this will cause the element to couple to the coax
and you will get bizarre readings.

Do not freak out if your antenna analyzer gives bizarre readings of this antenna. Most of the cheap MFJ-type of low power
analyzers do not have sufficient power to drive the baluns in these types of antennas. (By cheap analyzer, I mean in price.
The $400-ish analyzers. My MFJ analyzer gives false readings as well; however,  my $18,000 Anritsu analyzer from work
reads these all day long with no issues whatsoever.)

It is OK to move or bend the elements vertically or horizontally to fit your location. Play with it for optimum results.

Conductive grease on the brass connections and on the coax connector threads is good practice and will ensure good service.

I recommend Kevlar or the Dacron type cords for suspending the antenna.