My Tactical Shotgun Project.  I completed this over a year ago, but had a hard drive crash and finally recovered some photos.
This is a Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag aka Mossberg's Cannon.

this was purchased lightly used, as you can see it was originally for waterfoul.

I bead-blasted the internals and parkerized them.

In the middle of me doing mine, my friend dropped off his worn out Mossberg 500.

The barrel, partially bead blasted.                                          This is a short barrel from my friend's Mossberg 500.

My friend's 500 receiver, look how badly its worn and scarred.    His receiver in my bead blaster.

Parts after parkerization.                                                     My anodizing setup, DC Power Supply, acid vat beside it.

A receiver fizzing away being anodized.                                After anodizing, the receivers are dyed at high temp.

Checking the part for color density. if its too light, put it back in for another few minutes.

The parts are rinsed and cooled.

Out of the rinse, cooling.

Both receivers. I've already started assembling the rear one, you can see the parkerized safety.

These came out just like new!

Here is my Mossberg 835 Tactical Ulti-Mag, assembled and tested.

The stock is a level II, and absorbs 85% of the recoil. Its also length adjustable.

A view of the right side.

Full view with stock extended. Yes its even loaded in this picture, and no one was
injured or killed by it.   Guns don't kill people... people kill people and other critters too!

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