Baluns and UnUns

     I fabricate various baluns and ununs to match the impedance of various antennas to the 50 ohm coaxial cable transceivers require.
Toroid Cores   Wound Voltage Balun Core with enclosure parts
An assortment of toroid cores                                                    A wound voltage balun and enclosure parts

Prepared Enclosure   4:1 Voltage Balun
Prepared enclosure                                                            4:1 Voltage Balun rated at 700 watts PEP (400 watts continuous)

4:1 Current Balun   Prreparing the balun for mounting   All mechanical parts are fixed with Locktite   4:1 Current Balun in enclosure
4:1 Current Balun   Balun prepped for mounting    I fix all threads with LockTite    4:1 Current Balun in enclosure

All lugs are crimped and soldered   4:1 Current Balun Assembled   Balun Sealed and secured
Element lugs                           Assembly finished, Rated at 1KW                  Sealed and secured for closing

Balun closed and ready to wire or ship   Bottom view    Strain Relief for wire elements
Balun completed, ready for elements         Bottom view                                              Element strain relief and output terminal

9:1 UnUn   Brass parts for better conductivity  9:1 UnUn for End-Fed Wire Antennas
9:1 UnUn for End-Fed wire antennae            Brass parts and options                      9:1 UnUn mounted in the enclosure

antenna element port with strain relief
UnUn output terminal and strain relief with eyelet

I can custom make various impedances for a balun to suit your project, email to discuss your needs.

I can also double the toroids or order larger ones to meet your output power requirements. 

If you just want to buy the completed Baluns or UnUns and add your own wire, here are the prices:

4:1 Voltage Balun rated at 700 Watts        $58

4:1 Voltage Balun rated at 1400 Watts      $72

4:1 Current Balun rated at 1000 Watts      $69

4:1 Current Balun rated at 2000 Watts      $99

9:1 UnUn rated at 400 Watts                     $58

I sell completed, ready to hang antenna systems as well.

You can buy one of these antenna systems from me, completely fabricated and ready to hang:

Type                Covers                   Approximate Length     Price (Includes USPS Flat Rate Shipping in the US)

OCF Dipole   160-80-20-15-10-6            254'                    $149

OCF Dipole    80-40-20-15-10-6              127'                    $102

OCF Dipole    60-30-15-6                        87'                      $82

OCF Dipole    40-20-15-10-6                   65'                      $82

End-Fed Longwire 160-10m                   125'                    $102
(Includes 9:1 balun)

(Note, the above OCF Dipole antennas are made with VOLTAGE baluns, they provide better bandwidth.)
If you would rather have a CURRENT balun for your OCF dipole, add an additional $25 to the antenna price.

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