Items I currently have For Sale

  I have several of these!
   Motorola Spectra 110 Watt VHF Remote Head Radios.


   Motorola MCS2000 100 Watt UHF Remote Head Radios.

  Motorola MCS2000 900MHz Radios.
  Motorola W3 (HHCH) Control Heads for ASTRO Spectras. I have refurbished and
  re-capped these Hand Held Control Heads and replaced the dim green display LEDS
  with red ones that make them much easier to see.

  Motorola Spectras with A5 Control Heads.
  I have a LOT of these, in VHF, UHF, 800MHz and 900MHz.
  I have re-capped, tested and aligned these radios to factory specifications.

  If you are interested in something here, or some equipment you dont see, email me HERE.