Here you will find some of the projects I have completed or am currently working on.
Feel free to email me, should you have any questions.
Some of these I do build and sell, or service.
Check the page of the item you are interested for more information.
Refurbishing the /\/\otorola Spectras General Coverage Receiver Antenna Tuner
Converting a 900MHz Spectra for use on 33cm 9:1 Selectable Ground UN-UN for End-Fed Receiving Antennas
/\/\otorola MSF 5000 Pages Oil-Filled Power Measuring Dummy Load
/\/\otorola GM-300 series low output power?  
  Rebuilding and upgrading the Heathkit SB-220, 2KW Amplifier
How to Build Dipole Antennas   
  Modifying the Radio Shack PRO-197 Scanner for Line Audio Out
Parkerizing Firearms  
Anodizing Aluminum  
Building a Tactical Shotgun  
  Reference Material